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Rishabhdev Micro Minerals We have also arranged excellent packing with the best quality material.
There is also a packing arrangement for international customers, as it is our duty to deliver the goods responsibly.We have a lot of options in packing Barrels HM, Flexitank ,HDPE IBC containers with pallets & shrink wrapping, HDPE Bags, Jumbo Bags etc.

For Packaging and Logistic we have created a complete department, in which fully trained staff are appointed. In this department, inventory is managed by batch number, that too with software.

Why Our Packaging and Logistic is the Best ?


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We RISHABHDEO MICRO MINERALS PVT LTD are the leading manufacturer of carbonate which are used by PVC Plastic pipes, Adhesives, Paints And Coating, Paper & Printing, Cables and other industries.
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