Calcium Carbonate For Paints And Coating

Our company Nanomaterials Technology is providing you a wide range of calcium carbonate for paint in some areas and industries such as laboratories, paper, construction etc. for the manufacture of paints. These paints come in white color in powder form; Therefore, these paints have various characteristics including high impact resistance, longevity, highly active, yield stress and so on. Calcium carbonate for paint is also used as a clearing agent as it provides precise in nature as well as environmentally friendly construction. Additionally, the products provided are highly soluble in water because they have a precise composition.
Calcium carbonate is extensively used in the paint industry for the manufacture of powder coating and emulsion paints. With its ideal distribution and high whiteness, precipitated Calcium Carbonate enhances the processability of paints. It also acts as an anti-rust agent. In addition, it reduces the cost of yield for all the above benefits.
ApplicationPaint Industry
Precipitation StateUn-Precipitated
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
Density2.60-2.75 g/cm3
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