Calcium Carbonate For Glass

Calcium Carbonate is an important component in glass making and is used as a stabilizer that improves the mechanical properties and physical appearance of glass. The glass industry required high calcium carbonate. Other coloring materials such as iron and carbon are considered objectionable.

Rishabhdeo micro minerals  is ideal for the glass industry because it has a high degree of undesirableness and contaminants that would be harmful to the glass making process. It has low, iron content with a high calcium content and usually with the added benefit of compatible magnesium content. The limestone that is prepared can have both economic and environmental benefits to the glass producer.

We currently produce high quality limestone for the manufacture of container glassware. Rishabhdeo micro minerals Calcium Carbonate Limestone Powder is the perfect result in all glass applications starting from commercial glass, recycling, containers, etc.


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We RISHABHDEO MICRO MINERALS PVT LTD are the leading manufacturer of carbonate which are used by PVC Plastic pipes, Adhesives, Paints And Coating, Paper & Printing, Cables and other industries.
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