Calcium Carbonate For Adhesives

When a filler is used in an adhesive construction, it is usually to take place. But the space it occupies has an important function, making it a role player and a key component of the success of your products. Several functional fillers are available for various applications including calcium carbonate and others.calcium carbonate for adhesive
Calcium carbonate is available in particle sizes ranging from 1.0 micrometers to large white decorative chips. Calcium carbonate is a relatively soft, insoluble mineral widely used to reduce costs and control shrinkage in adhesive formulations. Rishabhdeo micro minerals calcium carbonate is available in a wide variety of particle-size distributions of any mineral, and an optimum form for an adhesive and sealant application can easily be found.
In high-end formulations, Rishabhdeo micro minerals helps the calcium carbonate product maintain its viscosity, physical strength, and properties, says our R&D head, Hosam. In commodity formulations, it can replace other more-expensive materials, improve inter-filling properties, and modify viscosity. The Rishabhdeo micro minerals calcium carbonate product provides a wide variety of particle-size distributions, resulting in alternatives containing almost every adhesive and sealant. For adhesives, Rishabhdeo micro minerals calcium carbonate provides the best performing solution and the most cost-effective manufacturing formula.
ApplicationConstruction Industry, Rubber Industry
State Of MatterPowder
Precipitation StateUn-Precipitated
Grade StandardReagent Grade, Industrial Grade
Size50 kg
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